Cludo is the site search solution of choice for corporate, educational & government organizations worldwide.

With Cludo you’ll get a best in class search and insights platform that elevates website engagement, as well as informs your content strategy with deep analytics. Kruso’s partnership with Cludo goes back to 2015, we have implemented a wide range of even complex Cludo search solutions together with clients like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the municipality of Aarhus.


Everything Marketers Need In A Search Solution

Marketers love Cludo. Cludo’s easily customizable site search platform enables you to directly control the relevance of your search results, giving you control over the customer journey. You can work directly from your analytics dashboard in real time, making data driven decisions that enhance user experiences and improve conversion rates. Cludo equips you with everything you need to create a great search experience, including: 

  • Full-control over relevancy
  • Rich-media banners
  • Content boosting
  • Controllable machine learning
  • Actionable analytics

Machine Learning + Human Intuition

Cludo’s automated Intelligent Rankings automatically prioritizes the most relevant content in the search results, but sometimes you just need even greater control. That's why Cludo's AI platform is whitebox, putting you in control of your search results, so you can choose which pages you want on top for selected keywords. This helps you shape the search results as you want and gives you the ability to promote content.


Insightful Analytics

Site search queries are your customers speaking directly to you. Cludo’s powerful analytics and reporting dashboards save marketers time by guiding them to the most relevant behavioural data for visitors to their sites. Our search analytics platform gives you the insights you need to better understand your visitors, custom rank your search results, and continually refine the quality and relevance of your web content.


With Cludo, you don’t have to make notes or jump between screens - our actionable analytics dashboard enables you to optimize your site search right from the source. Edit and adjust your search terms right from your analytics tables based on real-time information.


Intelligent 404

Cludo’s Intelligent 404 Module keeps visitors engaged via pathways to relevant content, even when the URL they land on no longer exists. Driven by Cludo’s machine learning, Intelligent 404 learns and adapts based on a visitor’s behaviour, creating smart pathways where dead-ends on your website once existed. It stops you from losing frustrated customers due to broken links and gets your customers back on track. 


Cludo’s AI driven site search solution enables organizations to optimize their customer’s experiences. With Cludo’s search and insights, users spend less time on the phone with customers, experience higher conversion rates, and enhance their content strategy.   


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