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Open Public Web is a solid, advanced, and thoroughly tested web solution for municipalities and public authorities based on the open source CMS Umbraco.

OpenPublic Web is developed in close collaboration with numerous Danish municipalities and offer a complete framework fully integrated to the Umbraco CMS offering more than 40 additional tools and content modules served up in an intuitive user interface as a seamless part of Umbraco. The more than 40  tools in OPW are mainly web editor tools, offering an easy and playful way to optimize accessibility, SEO, readability, GDPR compliance integrated fully in the admin layer. Additionally OPW gives access to a range of smart content modules and standard integration plug-ins which will give you a head start, low development cost and fast time to market for getting your new digital platform up and running. OPW comes with extensive dashboards giving you a full overview of how your site is performing on selected topics like SEO, accessibility, GDPR etc. In its years of life from the first launch in 2013, OpenPublic Web has been implemented by 15 Danish municipalities and it is expected that more will join.

This has made things ideal for us. We can see a clear improvement in relation to having editors which was very difficult with the old system. Our employees are very enthusiastic when we teach them about the new system.

Odder Kommune

A web solution that gathers the municipality's many channels, and offers a user-friendly self-service platform for the citizens.

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Community of Development

As a part of OpenPublic Web you have the opportunity to be part of a community of development with other municipalities. The Community of Development makes it possible to continuously develop every site with reduced costs, since all members of the community both share the new features added as well as the cost. In addition, we arrange 2-3 community events throughout the year focusing on knowledge sharing and prioritization of the development road map. This is in line with the common public-sector digitalization strategy 2016-2020.

One of the seven common municipal milestones for digitalization in the new common public-sector digitalization strategy is “Collaborations creates vigor and sustainability”. Completely in line with this, the municipal collaboration in OpenPublic means that the municipalities with us can share competences and reduce expenses for the purchase of IT, plus enhance efficiency and professionalize IT-operations.

The community offers mutual knowledge sharing and economic collaborations regarding development of new functions and new features on the platform.

Today we have 13 municipalities in the Community of Development of OpenPublic Web.

  • Helsingør Kommune
  • Holbæk Kommune
  • Albertslund Kommune
  • Billund Kommune
  • Jammerbugt Kommune
  • Vesthimmerlands Kommune
  • Vordingborg Kommune
  • Gribskov Kommune
  • Lejre Kommune
  • Hjørring Kommune
  • Odder Kommune
  • Frederikshavn Kommune
  • Aarhus Kommune

The municipalities in the community experience cost-savings by joining forces on the development of OpenPublic Web and thereby raising the shared CMS-system to a whole new level of development – a level that would otherwise not be possible.

As a municipality, you share development costs with the other members thereby deriving maximum advantage from the shared web solution.

The OpenPublic Web platform is generic which means that new municipals will be starting on the same platform as those already being on the solution. Hence, the new municipalities will benefit from the features already developed from day one.


Knowledge sharing at ERFA-meetings

The OpenPublic Web development community arranges two to three ERFA-meetings a year. The themes of the meetings are a combination of the current situation, inspirational presentations, knowledge sharing, and discussing new developments. 


Joint development

Besides the planned basic further development that the community initiates, it is also possible for just a few of the municipalities to join together to develop additional new modules that can be co-financed and included in OpenPublic Web – to all members benefit.

That is how modules like the Kultunaut integration and integrations with visitor-statistics from Siteimprove were developed – by the co-financing of respectively two and four municipalities and thereby a reduction in the implementation price of 50% and 25%.

The idea of OpenPublic Web is that new development of functions always are made available as modules for everyone. Still we do not implement modules without pre-approval by the individual municipality.


OpenPublic Web contains a number of carefully chosen features, and tools which assist and help the editors in their daily work. Below you will find a selection of some of the features, new features will be added continuously.

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