The solution for a complex subscription-based business model

Upodi - A safety solution for subscription-based business model.

Upodi is a genius tool that can solve the complexity of subscription-based business models. Upodi is a specialist tool, that can solve exactly the challenges you may have in an online subscription business, both in the e-commerce engine itself, in the transaction and your ERP. Upodi is created for products based on memberships, service agreements, consumption-based, software as service, etc. The big difference from other systems is the ability to adapt Upodi to your business and other systems and data flow. Uponi is not a standard solution, Uponi can handle billing, the online payment for your e-commerce or managing subscription terms. It solves several challenges that can arise if the subscription is based on a traditional e-commerce transaction. In addition, Uponi can be integrated with your CRM and understand subscription models, customer relationships and individual agreements. Uponi can be used at pricing consumption-based systems other than that, Uponi makes sure you don’t lose your costumers if their transactions are not going through. Upodi has a strong standard of integrations against all common and inaccessible PSP (Payment Service Providers), this model secure that expired credit cards are automatically replaced by new ones, withdrawals from the account via transfers if credit cards fail and much more. B2C subscription stores often experience losing over 10% of their members each mouth due to subscription payment issues. This can be reduced to almost 0%, by using Uponi. Uponi is an unavoidable product for several companies that have a business model that requires smooth fixed transactions from customers. This system is, of course, a web service that is integrated via a residual API and therefore (almost) upgrade and maintenance-free. Uponi is a product that fits well with the modern Headless architecture and a product that is extremely good for Kruso’s technical approach, where we make complex solutions, as simple for the users and optimal for the costumers 

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