Today, clients expect commerce to be available across a variety of channels and platforms. Increasing operating costs and demands of constant innovation and adaption forces (retailers) to constantly modernizing their commerce platforms.Not since ecommerce became an integral part of any serious website has it been necessary for companies to take this big technological step to keep up to sell across channels, target customers at the right time and deliver goods without delays and difficulties. The customer-oriented sales channels have gone from being a simple website with an integrated web shop to cover mobile, TV, video streaming services, social media and 'IoT' (Internet of Things).

The big, confusing, monolithic web applications, that were the de-facto standard until a few years ago, have shown to be expensive, difficult, inefficient and very difficult to get to keep up with the customers’ need for innovation in the long run. Today, e-commerce can use technologies like cloud and micro services to meet and handle these challenges in a reasonable way. Only by choosing cloud, micro service, event- and full API based systems is it possible to keep up with the demands of quickly adapting solutions to customers’ increasing needs.Many companies have realized they should move their business and infrastructure to a modern and scalable platform however they rarely have the budget or competences to do so. Kruso and commercetools can help moving to a scalable, API based and micro service driven cloud platform with a ready recipe for how a company get started and transforms to the next level.


"True" headless commerce

Commercetools is the only enterprise mature "true" headless e-commerce cloud services. So what does thit mean? If we break it down, commercetools is an e-commerce engine, which is a "best of bread" commerce management system. Web services is an online application, which means that upgrades are done automatically and without any consequence for your solution or unique customizations. "True" headless is a new concept that was introduced after everyone was busy calling their systems headless. Headless means that all services / applications are disconnected and only communicate via APIs. It is a great advantage that you do not have integrations that need to be maintained or redone every time you make a change eg upgrading the one system. This significantly lowers costs in the long term, such as maintenance. If a system needs to be replaced, it can be done very quickly, which benefits "time to value" and lowers the investment risk by replacing parts of an overall platform. Commercetools are built so that you can develop and deploy new features very quickly and on a daily basis. Using an agile and elemental design architecture reduces complexity and increases flexibility. Commercetools has its victory in most of Europe and the US and is now heading for the Scandinavian market and Kruso is of course involved in the first Danish E-commerce solutions at commercetools.


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