What is commerce really about? Like with all other business, we believe commerce is about happy and satisfied customers – because they buy more.

At Kruso the user is always our main focus

This covers everything from formulation of the digital strategy to technical development and continuous improvement of the final solution. It is all about defining epic customer moments, catching every single customer touch-point and making it a great experience. We believe that every interaction with your customers holds barriers we can meet and possibilities we can fulfil – always with an increased conversion in mind.

We have been part of global commerce solutions within both B2B and B2C, luxury goods as well as FMCG - and the means are widely different. For some brands, it is all about seductive content, excellent customer services or personalization, while it for other brands are high performance, comprehensive product data, efficient check-out flows, or flexible pricing that does the tricks and unleashes the final sale.

In other words, you do not create a strong commerce platform with high conversion with just one simple improvement. The key to success lies in long-term efforts, constantly focusing on having the right set of tools and content in every step of your customers’ buying experience – across online and offline.

We have developed commerce solutions through the last 20 years and offer some of the industry’s strongest e-commerce teams. Our focus is strategic UX and technical development. We work with some of the most solid CMS and commerce systems on the market.

Our projects extend from fully integrated content-heavy commerce platforms, simple pure play e-shops, to customized headless systems built from scratch like microservices.

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