Seminar about headless commerce shed a new light on the future of e-commerce

Thanks to both speakers and participants for a successful seminar

More than 40 dedicated participants were listening when Kruso and commercetool held a seminar about the future of commerce. CDO, Tomas Krag from B&O, opened the seminar with a presentation about how working with a headless commerce system and true agile development was the key to succeeding with B&O's new global commerce platform in 6 months. Our own CTO, Niels Brinkø, presented Kruso's point of view on the most dominating trends within commerce and why we swear by microservices and a "best of bread" approach in our application development. 

Then German commercetools took the stage and talked about the importance of agility and open architecture when working with complex commerce solutions and related services. Ismael Garcia from Salling Group completed the line of speakers by sharing their experiences going from a big, classic full suit commerce platform to commercetools as a part of securing the solution for the future and ensure fast time-to-market and flexible scaling. 

The seminar ended with a panel debate giving the audience plenty of opportunities to get closer to the speakers and learn from their experiences with headless commerce and microservices. 


Microservices - a paradigm shift for commerce growth businesses

Companies with a clear customer-centric e-commerce strategy are completely dependent on being able to work with a software infrastructure that is both flexible and scalable to gain success in a constantly changing market with many channels and sales points. 

A paradigm shift is coming where even the biggest and most known companies are beginning to turn their backs on the big and established software players to implement a purer microservice strategy with brand new technologies to gain the necessary flexibility and agility. 

A lot of the most known e-commerce systems today are what you call monolithic web applications i.e. systems that are built around one connected code-base with heavy dependencies across the complete system's components. As an e-commerce business most will nod in recognition of experiencing that the technical work with their systems is often difficult, expensive, and inefficient where even minor adjustments and developing tasks can turn out as huge projects.

More and more have recently realized the potential in the new technologies where especially cloud and microservice based systems provide the opportunity to build infrastructure as a collection of smaller and independent components - microservices - that can be reused and adjusted independently of each other across platforms and channels. To the companies who have succeeded with a full-blown microservice strategy, the results are clear and tangible in form of lower costs and faster time-to-market. 

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