Kruso triples the number of Ucommerce Most Valuable Professionals and is once again announced as Powerhouse Partner

We are proud to have Ole Jensen, Morten Ebsen and Ihor Skalov as Ucommerce MVPs

It was a big day for Kruso when three of our employees were announced as Ucommerce Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) at the annual Ucommerce Summit. A title that is only given to ”great people that push our platform forward and create the real value behind Ucommerce.”

There are only 16 MVP’s in 2019 spread out across various large bureaus – We are therefore extremely proud to be the company with the most highest number of MVPs.
The MVP team consists of Morten Ebsen and Ihor Skalov as developer MVPs and Ole Jensen as business MVP.

Furthermore, Kruso is once again announced as Powerhouse Partner which is the highest level of partner status. This recognition is particularly dedicated to our CTO Niels Brinkø.

What does it mean for Kruso and our clients?

That a company like Ucommerce chooses to give us these titles and parter status truly reflects back on the great amount of work we do on their platform. It also shows our increasing commitment to ecommerce – an area of the business that we have really tuned in on after the launch of Lakrids by Johan Bülow’s global ecommerce platform.

That Kruso is a Powerhouse Partner and has three MVPs means that we can deliver top-notch commerce solutions to our clients. Our expertise on the platform makes us able to tailor creative and complex commerce solutions to our client’s specific needs.

”I think it’s great that Ucommerce appreciates our effort. For Kruso this is a huge plus on our commerce résumé and it shows our costumers that we can build high quality commerce websites like Lakrids by Johan Bülow in a short period of time.”

- Ihor Skalov, Ucommerce MVP, .NET Developer and member of Kruso's Copenhagen Commerce Team.

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