Kruso expands team with a new Sales Director

A lot has happened during the last year at Kruso.

With a new name, two new offices, and a lot of new employees and customers, it has not been boring here at Kruso. And it is not going to be so just yet. In the beginning of February, we had the pleasure of expanding our team with another strong, experienced, and skilled profile – Ole, our new Sales Director at the Aarhus office.

Ole comes from Sitecore where he has been a part of their team the last five years. And as he says a lot of people link him to Sitecore where he has been on their journey from a start-up to a high-end, global company. The combination of Sitecore’s organisational development, the market acceleration, and Ole’s commercial role has given him an impressive experience. His work with both private and public customers within a long list of areas makes him the perfect man for the job when it comes to helping out customers – whatever the challenge might be. Combined this gives Ole a strong profile that we are proud to welcome at Kruso.

To Ole one thing is always more important than the project itself, and that is the digital transformation process. It is not insignificant that new solutions and new technology change the individuals’ everyday life and job. Seen from above the organisational change is definite and necessary but being able to understand how people react to and handle a digitalisation is crucial for our success as a digital bureau.  


Three trends in the digital world

We asked Ole to point out three trends in the digital world that are unavoidable: “So much technology is on its way and a lot surpass good sci-fi movies from the 80’ies and 90’ies, but a lot will only be a technology that trends a few years. Three trends I believe are crucial now and in future is:

  • Data: One of the trends I focus on a lot when I advise customers is the handling of data. Today we see so much data, but to transform that data and put it into actions is different matter. I experience a lot of resistance and fear from the customer – they think it is expensive and almost impossible to structure and analyse data. We need to create the understanding that data is the path to success and that you often only need a little amount of data to make a difference.
  • Touch points: In the same category, I see a trend about breaking down barriers across touch points so that the experience of the customers, who uncritically uses different sources depending on content, habits, and needs, get a smooth and homogeneous experience. At the same time the orchestration of content and optimisation has to be user-friendly, logic, and intuitive for the editors and contributors of content. To get there the strategy needs to be in place – but open for agile development. Luckily, a lot of the technology we know and have used several years has developed and helps us as HUB for more channels.
  • E-Commerce: With that said, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to e-commerce, that has just started a long and exciting journey. In the future, we will talk a lot about e-commerce as the graduation between E-Com and physical stores, and everything in between is moving towards a new and more modern phase.

 We warmly welcome Ole to Kruso and look forward to the exciting journey ahead.

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