Fast, faster, automate

Automation plays a big part in the DevOps world. Erik, our solution architect, helps you automate the process of setting up a complete Episerver environment.

Do you remember when developers were developing applications, and IT people were taking care of the servers and hosting?


Well... Forget about that. Nowadays, and now more than ever, the separation between developing and hosting an application is being reduced, causing a merger in tasks – also known as DevOps. 

Rather than a stiff process, DevOps is a mindset, and a set of technical practices. It’s all about being agile in every part of a software project, including the administrative IT operations.

For developers, this could mean writing a code that manages all the different servers required for running the application (usually called Infrastructure as code).  

Always remember to be flexible when managing your environments. Being able to easily create (and destroy) development/test environments can be a highly beneficial step in becoming more agile.   


Did you know that setting up a complete Episerver environment can be done in only a couple of minutes?

Erik, one of our solution architects, has written a blog post about it. Check it out here and learn how to use PowerShell to quickly set up an environment in Azure for testing, or demo purposes.