2018 sum up

The year has come to an end and it is time to look back. For all our 3 offices 2018 has been a blast with new colleagues, new clients, new partners, challenges, wins – and a lot of fun.

New clients & New Achievements with our existing clients 

Lakrids by Johan Bülow, Mastercard, Aarhus Kommune, Nordlock Group, Steno Diabetes Center, KL, HK, inco and Bredal all became new Kruso clients in ’18. Additionally, we have entered into cooperation with two global B2C brands where we work under strict NDA’s. Together we have launched comprehensive global commerce solutions, solid digital strategies, smart self-service platforms, mobile apps and chatbots.

Together with our existing clients we have given birth to quite remarkable solutions throughout the year. To mention some of them – we launched the Nordics first Azure hosted Sitecore PaaS solution build on Helix principles with Horsens Kommune. For Udenrigsministeriet we transformed their Sitecore platform into a true international multisite framework – a one of a kind solution when it comes to Sitecore.

Our Swedish Krusaders seamlessly launched a global digital platform for Nordlock this spring including a large corporate communications site, a full-fledged commerce platform and various smart service design apps.  At the same time, we succeeded in launching 3Shape’s new global commerce solution, together with their internal digital team.

Not many months later, our first IoT case – Aratag – became downloadable in the app store. And not to forget, we also dialed up Frederikshavn Kommune, Industriens Uddannelser and AMU Fyn’s digital presence with totally new platforms throughout 2018.  


Today, Kruso is a strong commerce partner

Today, Kruso operates and delivers digital services to a wide range of commerce clients, including 5 global solutions.  

In 2018, we took a significant step up in our commerce offering by establishing individual commerce teams across our offices with various subject matter experts in each team.  

Again, we are rewarded Ucommerce Powerhouse, this time with no less than 3 MVP's. Besides that, we are super proud of having an Episerver MVP.


New services and partnerships  

During the last 2 years we have expanded our service offer to now also include strategic consultancy services within various expert areas. E.g. Azure Cloud Enablement, Digital Procurement Processes, System Vendor Selections, Tech Roadmaps, Program Management, UX/AX, GDPR Compliance and more.  

2018 has also been the year where we opened for more partnerships within specialized systems. This has led to partnerships with Commercetools, Segments and Cluedin. Additionally, Microsoft has recognized us for our expertise within Azure Cloud Hosting by announcing us MS Azure Silver Partner and Application Development Gold Partner.

As a result, we are now capable of solving more and more complex and specialized tasks for our clients – both within consulting and development. 


We always try to be a step ahead 

The digital industry is characterized by constantly changing the way people and organizations work and live – fortunately mostly to the better. At the same time, digital is also an industry, that is under serious and ongoing change every day. This means that we as an agency need to improve and reiterate every day, trying to stay ahead of the curve.

We take the strengthening of our competencies, skills and creativity very seriously. That is why we in 2018, updated and expanded certifications and training for a lot of our consultants. Besides that, we have been playing our part both on stage and as guests at conferences like Sugcon, The Next Web, WebSummit, Tech BBQ, SWSX, Coldfront, Ucommerce Partner Summit, Code Garden, Episerver Ascend and more.  


People first 

In 2018, we introduced our own culture club – Kruso Kulture Klub – which has resulted in a lot of great events like our Kruso Kino, Friday bars, parties, Hamburg x-mas city break, gin tasting, mountain bike trips, paintball fights, wakeboard events and much more.  

In Kruso, we care for each other – no matter if it is about cracking the toughest technical challenges or throwing a party. That is an important part of our DNA. In 2018, we could suddenly count more than 60 Krusaders across our offices with a lot of new talents joining the mission. Every one of our employees are making a big difference by being themselves, looking out for each other and giving a special flavor to the Kruso Spirit. That is why we put people first.  

And so, dear employees, clients and partners: Thank you very much for a fantastic 2018. We are sure that in 2019 we will conquer more unknown land and reach new heights – and we can't wait to get started!

Picture of events from 2018

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