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A solution that provides a CMS system that is easy for the editors to use.

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In Vordingborg you can experience the impressive "Møns Klint", "Gåsetårnet" and "Gavnø slot", among many other incredible things.

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To implement a solution that offers a CMS system that is easy for the editors to use.


OpenPublic Web, a system based on the open source platform Umbraco. This solution offers a dashboard that is easy to use. The dashboard gathers all relevant statistics from both Google Analytics, and the internal search function on both a single-page level and across all the pages that the editor is responsible for.


Implementation of a system that is time current and up to date, user – friendly and intuitive. In addition to this, the system enables higher quality related to accessibility, search engine optimization, readability and a good general overview for the visitors.

In choosing Kruso we focused on the time current essence, user - friendliness and the intuitive aspect of the system. It is a high priority for us that the supplier is professional and flexible, and listens to the customers' needs and include them in the development process. Finally, it has been a deciding factor that the cost on Kruso's solution is competitive and manageable.

- Heidi Persson, Development Consultant, Vordingborg Kommune

Vordingborg Kommune

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