Odder Kommune

A web solution that gathers the municipality's many channels, and offers a user-friendly self-service platform for the citizens.

Odder Kommune is located in the eastern part of Jutland, with more than 22.000 citizens. The new Odder.dk provides a rallying point for their successful social media accounts, and a self-serving site for the citizens where they can renew their passports, change addresses, and fill out applications among many other tasks.

Odder Kommunes website shown on tablets


It was very important that the new municipality website was able to integrate their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and provide new and exciting content for the citizens in addition to the user-friendly self-service system. It was crucial that the new website could function as the starting point for all of their digital communications.


Kruso designed and developed the new website using OpenPublic CMS system, which is specifically developed for the public sector. Odder.dk is also equipped with OpenPublic’s user-friendly editing tools, which make it easier than ever to update the site with new content. The new site embraces their social media accounts by providing a news feed that is updated every time Odder Kommune posts new content on Facebook and Instagram. The self-service system is now an integrated part of the website, where the citizens can perform many different tasks, all from the comfort of their own home.


The new site supports Odder’s online communication with more in-depth articles, as well as providing an easy access to their social media accounts. The citizens now have a go-to website where they can get all the relevant news about the life in and around Odder, and a self-service system that caters to their every need.

The website is extremely important, and has become the foundation for all of our communication channels.

- Claus Buur Rasmussen, Odder Kommune

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Odder Kommune

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