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Cooperation on web solutions has become a priority.

Lejre has one of Denmark's most important historic legacies from the Viking era. But the municipality is also one of the front runners when it comes to the present demands for a digitized public sector. In collaboration with Lejre we developed a website based on Krusos own OpenPublic CMS which is specifically developed to assist the digitization of the public sector.

Lejre Kommunes new website shown on several tablets


Lejre needed a new website to meet the demands of digitization, and to better assist the citizens of the municipality located in the central part of Zealand. Moreover, the municipality needed a new digital partner to assist the employees during the digital transformation.


Kruso developed a new Lejre.dk using the OpenPublic CMS system. The CMS system already lives up to the requirements of the digital public sector, which meant that Lejre Kommune optimized their digital presence and created an effective self-service for the approximately 27,000 citizens.


The citizens in and around Lejre now has a self-service site to help them with many different tasks, due to the improved online presence. The site is also functioning as a new and improved communication channel for the municipality.

The reason for our shift in supplier has not been OpenPublic Web. By choosing our supplier we have focused a lot on other municipalities' experiences with the supplier, and the way that the supplier organize the cooperation between the municipalities. A cooperation like that is something that we have looked for with our current supplier, and this is the reason for the shift.

- Sune Lund Hansen, Webmaster, Lejre Kommune

Lejre Kommune

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