Lakrids by Bülow

Lakrids by Bülow is a Danish business fairy tale with great success and global growth.

About Lakrids by Bülow

Johan Bülow sold his first liquorices at Glastorvet in Svaneke in the summer of 2007. The year after, Lakrids by Bülow was founded and since then the success has spread from Denmark to most of the globe. 

Johan Bülow is recognized globally for their high-end gourmet liquorice, sold in exclusive flagship stores, served in Emirates first-class lounges and now also available online in a global commerce platform developed by us.


The growth potential for Lakrids is still huge even though the luxury liquorice producer with manufacturing facility in Hvidovre has taken giant steps in recent years. Digital is at heart for the company and plays a central role in their future brand and growth strategy. Digital is not new to Lakrids though, but they have experienced crucial challenges, preventing fast and efficient execution on their previous e-commerce platform. Additionally, the platform lacked important functionality and stability. The revitalization of the user experience and technical replatforming of their online shop had one overall goal – increase online sales by creating a commerce platform with highest possible conversion rates without compromising brand experience. Kruso and Lakrids joined forces May 2018 with Kruso being their trusted digital partner and advisor, helping to shape their digital commerce strategy and bring it to life. Lakrids was looking for a partner with experience in global e-commerce and the ability to execute when it came to technical, complex commerce applications.


As a joint team, we set ourselves a very ambitious goal - to launch a completely new and simpler platform with central technical as well as user experience improvements completed in a 100 percent agile partnership with Lakrids e-commerce team – in less than 8 weeks. Key success criteria’s: 1. Create a flexible, modular, and open platform making any further development, changes and scaling easy and efficient. 2. Ensure major improvements on responsiveness and technical performance. 3. Improve user Experience. 4. Make the platform more intelligent by adding and improving central integrations to Lakrids existing commerce data and marketing automation tools, enabling Lakrids to work with targeted campaigns and personal content in all relevant digital channels – on and beyond the commerce platform. All criteria’s crucial and central working with increasing conversion rates.


We made it! The planned MVP just launched on August 6. in a flawless and secure launch – and the first orders are starting to roll in. The new system is built on Umbraco with Ucommerce as commerce-framework to run the shop and all ERP and marketing tool integrations. The solution is hosted fully in Azure. We have together with the Lakrids team created a future digital commerce roadmap. Next milestone is end of august where we roll out the platform in 8 different language and country versions.

Lakrids by Bülow

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