Kosan Crisplant - Redesign

An Umbraco solution that provides intuitive experiences for its users, and flexibility for the editors.

A redesign that provides flexibility and usability for both users and editors

In the first phase of the cooperation, we took over the work with Kosan Crisplant's Umbraco website, supplied by a previous vendor. Initially, Kosan Crisplant wanted to do an upgrade from their existing solution to the newest version of Umbraco. This is the second phase of the cooperation, where we have helped Kosan Crisplant redesign and update their site.

Kosan Crisplant website before and after pictures shown on computers


Kosan Crisplant’s solution, from a previous vendor, was in need of a brush-up, optimization of the site’s responsive views and at the same time, the design of the website needed an update - all of these changes had to fit within the company’s identity and ambitions.


We conducted an UX-workshop that served as a clarification process, weighing our options. This resulted in a new explorative menu that offers breadcrumbs, a more readable font and filtration on news and cases that enable the readers to select, based on their interests.


Clear optimization in before – and after pictures. At the same time, the navigation has become more intuitive, and it has the desired affect when looking at the user’s journey through the site. In addition to this, the redesign provides more flexibility to the editors, and the design is aligned with Kosan Crisplant’s ambitions for the scope of applications.

We had a great dialogue with the team that was assigned to our solution. It was in particular on solutions regarding flexibility, and the way that the editors work in the backend. We also had a great dialogue throughout the entire UX-process. A very positive experience.

- Lillian Christensen, Head of Corporate Communication | Corporate Communications

Kosan Crisplant

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