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A new Sitecore solution and the first municipality on Azure in Denmark.

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Horsens is one of the largest municipalities in Denmark experiencing large increase in people settling in recent years. This might be due to their successful branding strategy that puts Horsens on the map as a municipality with an extraordinary cultural life, strong identity and good living conditions. 

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Horsens Kommune's website needed an upgrade on structure and content. Many citizens got lost in the website's more than 3500 pages leading to a heavy use of resources on citizen service. The site needed a restructuring focusing on the most important sites and page and making the content clear and targeted. A more logic structure with the citizens' needs in the centre. In addition, they wanted to make it easier to edit, update, and change content without losing structure and functionality.


Kruso came up with a brand new Sitecore solution with the Helix design principles. In addition, we used Microsoft Azure making the application scalable with services like load balancing and CDN. Using Azure on a municipal solution has never been done before in Denmark - making Horsens Kommune the first municipal solution i Azure. The solution is made as a Platform as a Service, PaaS. Beyond that, Facebook has become an integrated part of the front page. The website is also updates with Time-to-Market scalability, making it well prepared for pressure from high traffic.


The result is a very user friendly website with more structure and more targeted information. With a reduction of pages on 90% it becomes much easier for the citizen to navigate the site. The citizen is key with a optimized and centred search function creating usability and overview. The important and most visited pages brought forward making it easier to find the most popular information. In addition, the website got a new, stylish design integrating news from Horsens Kommune's Facebook page on the front page.

We are very happy about the new website. The setup, structure, and content open up the possibility of faster and better service for our citizens because of the easier navigation.

- Dorthe Brandt Larsen, Digital Communication Consultant, Horsens Kommune

Horsens Kommune

Pictures of Horsens Kommunes cultural life

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