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Growing digitization in the public sector.

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The increasing digitization in the public sector means that many municipalities have been obligated to upgrade their digital platforms. Over time this create a more efficient and functional digital input in the public field, which will create a more efficient communication flow between the different authorities.

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Already from the beginning, Holbæk Kommune had decided that the underlying system of their new website should be Umbraco, to avoid expensive licenses for CMS. Simultaneously, it was a decisive criterion for the municipality to gain a user-friendly backend CMS system. This should make it easier for the editor to navigate in the backend, which would contribute to elevated quality of the website’s content.


The platform is built in a way that creates coherence across head- and subsites in a simple and manageable way. This makes it easier for the editors to develop content in an effective, intuitive and simple way on the platform. The digital platform has a user-friendly editor interface that inspires and motivates the web editors to edit and update content of quality on their website, and simultaneously make it an integrated part of their working routine. The intuitive editor interface and the strong editor tools, as OpenPublic Web offers, was also one of the primary reasons why Holbæk Kommune chose OpenPublic Web to begin with.


With their new digital platform, Holbæk Kommune has obtained a new visual identity, and a platform that is adjusted to our digitalized society. The website is adjusted to the municipality’s demands in making a municipal website that is both optimal for employees and citizens, as the public sector only gets more and more digitized. The web solution will currently be developed further in a close collaboration between Kruso and Holbæk Kommune, as well as the other municipalities and public organizations that uses the digital platform.

Holbæk Kommune

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