Hjørring Kommune

Hjørring got of to a whole new start with their web and intranet, based on an OpenPublic solution.

Hjørring Kommune is, as all other municipalities in Denmark, subject to the digital transformation of the public sector. With a new OpenPublic CMS from Kruso, the municipality now lives up to all the digital demands, and has created a better digital experience for the approximately 65.400 citizens.

Hjørring Kommunes website shown on a computer screen


The municipality’s former system was outdated and did not live up to the digitization. At the same time, there were not enough employees using the intranet system. Hjørring Kommune needed a thorough transformation of their digital presence through a system that was based on Umbraco, had a responsive design and with the ability to handle 200 subsites.


Hjørring Kommune received Kruso’s Umbraco CMS, a system that is developed specifically for the public sector. The municipality can use the system for both their website and intranet, and make sure that these are responsive on all devices.


The website now offers a richer user experience for the citizens via a quick navigation, with related shortcuts. It has also become much easier for the different editors/administrators to maintain and create new and exciting content, as well as improving the internal communication among the many employees in the municipality.

Hjørring Kommune

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