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A website that fits the demands for a more digital identity.

About Gribskov Kommune

The area around Gribskov is home to the fourth-largest wood in Denmark, a string of beautiful coastal towns, and a municipality who is right on the frontline when it comes to the digitization of the public sector.
With their new OpenPublic website from Kruso, Gribskov Kommune now has a digital presence that lives up to all the digital demands.

Gribskov Kommunes website shown on tablets


Gribskov Kommune needed a new website to fit the demands for a more digital identity. One of the most important factors was that the website would be developed with a proven and cost-effective CMS solution, as well as the option for further collaboration.


Gribskov Kommune received a new website that was developed with Kruso's OpenPublic CMS. The solution also includes the ERFA community which consists of a string of other Danish municipalities who has also received an OpenPublic website.


The new website has created a better user experience for the many citizens - a big step in the digital development. Gribskov Kommune, being part of the ERFA Community, now has access to valuable collaborations and support. The municipality will be part of the ongoing improvements of OpenPublic CMS, to ensure that the system keeps in place as one of the best solutions for the public sector.

In Gribskov we have chosen a web solution from Kruso because we wanted a system and experience that was well-proven and attractive in the local context. With the solution, we expect to create a user experience that is not just on the shoulders of the other municipalities, but takes the next step in the development. We get the total amount of Kruso's experience to build on, and we can add our own wishes and ideas to improvements. At the same time, it is valuable for us to have access to ongoing sparring, support and development in cooperation with other municipalities, which are based on the same system.

- Rasmus Lindboe, Head of Communication, Gribskov

Gribskov Kommune

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