Funday Factory

A dynamic web solution with a user-friendly interface that provides web editors with greater creative freedom.

Funday Factory is a professional game development studio run by competent and playful developers and marketers, who deliver unique and creative concepts to mobile devices.

a image of funday factory's new website


Funday Factory's old website had an over-simplified interface which was a barrier for the realization of their creative - and playful visual identity. The creative design was limited by flat monotonous templates, and it lacked the ability to change elements continuously. Funday Factory needed an intuitive web solution with greater flexibility, making it easier to add elements to the site.


The solution is based on an Umbraco CMS, which ensures a flexible and user-friendly handling of the entire visual experience through reusable CTA features and visual elements. The website has become a more unified, and web-oriented platform that matches all devices. It is a solution with strong and stable options that make it easy for web editors to build the website as they please.


Today, Funday Factory has a dynamic and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for web editors to add new features, and to develop on the website continuously. The new solution has no barriers - it can be expanded continuously, and can meet new needs rapidly.

"Throughout the development process, we have gained professional and competent sparring, and the result is an incredibly delicate solution - both frontend and backend. Our wish was to have a website that easily enables continuous updates without compromising on the visual experience that meets our visitors. And we think we've got that now. "

- Tine Torp Knudsen, Sales and Marketing Manager, Funday Factory


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