How Domain Driven Design and an (almost) text book agile collaboration allows total modernization with the daily operation.

DPA-System is an independent, non-profit organization which is responsible for managing the producer responsibility for the electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators and end-of-life vehicles under the Environmental Protection Act.

Central to DPA-System's management of this public task is the responsibility for the development and operation of the statutory, national producer responsibility register. The system supports a complex business logic with a vast of processes and integrations for a wide range of systems that combine the communication between many different stakeholders such as accountants, environmental management, DPA, producers, municipalities, etc. In addition, DPA today is dependent on several business-critical workflows that are manually executed - in and out of the system.


Ambitious modernization project in collaboration with Kruso

Together with Kruso, DPA has launched an ambitious modernization project where we create the next generation "Producer Responsibility Register" that to a greater extend simplifies, streamlines and automates workflows, ensures more stable operation, and provides greater flexibility in terms of further development and minimizes sources of error.

In the winter of 2017/18, we took over the existing system that we keep running while we began the initial technical analysis work to get a detailed picture of the current system and the surrounding technical landscape. At the same time, through the technical and organizational clarification phase, we have formulated the technical vision of the future system, developed system architecture and defined scope for the first version of the new Producer Register system.

Today, we are in full swing with the development of the modernized version of the Producer Responsibility Register, and in doing so, we have laid the architectural building blocks for how DPA-System in future can comply with legal requirements, involve new business areas while ensuring daily operations. Our tasks range from detailed system architecture, complex integrations, clarification and simplifications of existing business logic and implementation of an open microservice and API based access to data in .Net Core, initially through DPA Systems' new javascript and web-based solution. The operation and use of DPA-System's existing Producer Responsibility Register is phased out as each function is re-implemented in the new system.

Billede af ødelagte biler og elektroniske genstande

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