New website with a smart integration solution that creates an intelligent overview and requires minimal maintenance.

About AMU-Fyn

AMU-Fyn contributes to creating a well functioning market by offering seminars and postgraduate courses for both unemployed and employed people. They offer courses in basically every subject, industry and service and every year around 25.000 people participate in their courses. Kruso have just finished a brand new user friendly website for AMU which requires a minimum of maintenance for the editors. 

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AMU was struggling with very concrete user experience issues on their old website. Particularly users had a hard time navigating and getting a simple overview of the massive amount of courses offered. Additionally, the old platform required work-intensive manual processes to maintain the courses displayed online. The key to success was digitalization and automation of these central processes to bring down costly admin hours and time to market.


The site is built in Umbraco with deep integrations to the course administration system EASY-A and Courses and team information are matched with compulsory and relevant information from The huge amounts of information from the various systems are filtered and transformed by smart heavy business logic, resulting in an intelligent overview with correct team division and -status. All information about courses, their teams and professional content descriptions are now transferred dynamically and automatically, so AMU's editors won't have to spend a lot of time duplicating content from their internal course systems manually.


The site is now up and running and AMU has already recieved lots of compliments from their users for the significantly improved user experience. The automation of workflows has proven successful with significant amounts of admin hours saved.


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