A user-friendly website for employees and residents.

Summaries from board meetings, accounting and other administrative tasks within the housing association industry is in the middle of an ongoing digitisation. In collaboration with Arbejdernes Andels Boligforening (AAB) we developed a user-friendly Episerver platform that makes it easier for all the residents to perform different administrative tasks.

Before and after pictures of AAb website


The former AAB website was a complicated platform containing more than 60 different subsites. The platform was difficult to maintain which meant that there was no consistent news flow, or new content for the residents that could help them with their everyday tasks.


We facilitated a workshop with the representatives from AAB. This gave them a better ownership of the project, and created a better compliance between AAB and Kruso, which resulted in a Episerver solution that meets the requirements from both the employees of AAB, and their many residents.


The new AABnet.dk provides easy access to summaries of board meetings, news from the different departments and a user-friendly navigation. Moreover, the new website contains a self-service platform where residents can perform a string of different tasks without having to physically visit the AAB administration. This will free up time for both the residents and employees of AAB, and create a richer experience on AABnet.dk.

We have only received positive feedback regarding speed and user - friendliness. Everyone says that it is really easy to navigate through the website - it is fast while looking good.

- Lone Brock, Ekstern Kommunikation, AAB

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