Frontend Developer


Frontend Developer   

Are you a passionate frontend developer wanting to take your abilities to the next level? Perfect. Kruso digital is a company in growth where everyone matters and having fun, exploring and building edgy stuff is the heart of it all.   


What will you be doing?  

As a frontend developer, your job is to write great code and to help your team and colleagues deliver great solutions to our clients. You’ll be working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using technologies and tools like React, Redux, Vue.js, Webpack, SASS and lots more in an ever-changing world of technology. Architecture will span from CMS to Microservices and cloud implementations. You’re expected to have a keen eye on new technologies and best practices and to be willing to spend time implementing these to further heighten the coolness and the quality of our work. We strive to have frontend developers who can work alongside creatives but also sometimes develop and adapt an existing design. Apart from developing, everyone at Kruso works closely with our clients to understand their challenges, collaborate on the solution and push the limits. 

You in a nutshell?  

  • Frontend development is your professional passion.
  • An eye for design.
  • You write great code.
  • You're ambitious – always looking to improve
  • You're a team player.
  • Quality matters – you acknowledge the importance of the last 10 percent 

Kruso Malmö in a nutshell:  

  • We offer a safe place to fail  We encourage to try things. No pressure or blame, we are solution oriented and we all try our best.
  • We are humble but we know our value  We are not experts in everything but every one of us kicks ass at some things.
  • We believe that openness creates trust We share our inner thoughts, talk about work & life with each other and we also share our concerns and problems.
  • We come with good energy  We want to have fun and we all contribute to the fun by bringing good energy and courageous self to work. 
  • We all take part in creating Kruso – What would your dream workplace look like? 

How to Apply

Please apply for the job by filling out the below form.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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