DISRUPTION in Digital bureaus

Do digital bureaus look inwards? Are they attentive toward new technological platforms that are flowing forward, potentially overtaking the bureaus if not paid attention to?

The bureaus must eat their own medicine.

Everyday new services, and systems, come along that do not require skills in programming. In addition to this, there are being developed new e-commerce platforms that make it easy, cheap and quick to create a shop with few clicks.

At the same time, businesses can purchase design of websites that have already been made, and advanced software that automatize complicated processes via simple drag-and-drop off tools.


Therefore, should businesses within the digitalized industry with self-service pay Kruso to digitalize the business? Yes, will be the answer. Digital bureaus, as ourselves, are highly relevant for businesses, but only if they:


1: Keep updated on new platforms that come, and help customers navigate in these.

Businesses rarely have time, and the focus necessary to relate to technological opportunities out there. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the bureaus curate, and offers the business an overview and guidelines towards the right option.


2: Understand that technology is not always a means to a goal, and that they must help their customers in defining their goals.

Customers have business related needs, and the bureaus’ work must always be done in consideration of this. This requires an understanding of both the businesses’ business, and the customers’ needs. Something a technological platform cannot managed just yet.


3: Understand and solve complex tasks that do not offer a “do it yourself” solution.

Most tasks are complex, and still require a lot of experience, innovation and expert knowledge.


4: Inters real long term partnerships with their customers.

The traditional customer-supplier relationship in an arm's length is inefficient for a while. This is where the best results are created, and where a deep business related understanding happens.

That is why the bureaus must create the foundation for becoming a real strategic – and integrated extended arm for their customers. At the same time, your business must understand that if you lower the guards, and let the bureaus into your business long term, you will create the best conditions for continuous development, and digital agility.

In this lies a prayer for the businesses as well. If the businesses shop around with increasing speed – from task to task – they risk undermining the effective counseling.

This might seem logic, but in a digital age where the speed increases exponential, and where counseling is dependent on constant updated knowledge the parties are both dependent on a relationship that continuous to develop, rather than settles.

“Disruption” originates from the Latin word “disruptus” which means to “break up”, or “to be in solution”. Furthermore, disruption is an expression of radical changes within an industry.

In the bigger picture, digitalization is the primary driver in disruption, and that is why many disruptive actions happens among digital bureaus. Likewise, many digital bureaus help prevent businesses in other industries to get disrupted.

Sometimes through defensive protectionist approaches, and sometimes through proactively disruption before others. The bureaus help the businesses to keep up with the new technologies, and digital tendencies to prevent aggressive disrupters within their field.

However, do the bureaus remember to take a hard look at themselves? Are they attentive toward the new technological platforms that are flowing forward, potentially overtaking the bureaus if not paid attention to?

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